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Businesses operating internationally are sometimes not fully aware of the vast potential in this area.  Global trading opens many doors including greater access to new materials, identification and development of new products or markets and the chance to substantially reduce manufacturing costs.

Often, however, companies entering or competing in the international arena tend to lose sight of the tariffs and other legislation involved.  These matters are both complex and time consuming and are usually left to a customs clearing agent unfamiliar with the business at hand.

Success in the competitive international marketplace will be reserved for those companies who recognise that their import and export operations are an integral part of their bottom line and deserve proper planning.


Our Mission

Customs and excise planning is similar to any other form of tax planning.  It involves structuring your business to minimise exposure to taxation within the law.  We at the Ginamar Customs Consulting are professionally qualified and skilled to assist you in developing this vital part of your business.

Our objective is to assist you in developing efficient and effective customs and excise procedures to:

Identify and maximise any rebate facilities and/or incentives available

Minimise customs and excise duties and potential overpayments

Speed shipments through customs clearing, by ensuring the correctness and acceptability of all documentation

Minimise the cost of compliance

Reduce the administrative burden

Provide expert training, tailor made to each company’s requirements.

Company Profile

Ginamar Customs Consulting was founded by Eugene Marais during October 2003.  His experience with Customs and Excise started over 25 years ago, when he joined the then Department of Finance Branch Customs and Excise in Kimberley.  During this period he gained invaluable experience in every aspect of Customs and Excise matters.  He was transferred to Customs and Excise Head Office Pretoria mid 1990, where he was tasked to write new internal training courses for Customs and Excise and presented these courses as well.

At the beginning of 1995 he was transferred to Customs and Excise Special Investigations, where he served as the youngest Assistant Director in the history of Customs and Excise, until he resigned at the end of 1996.  (At that stage he was found promotable out of turn to the post of Deputy Director).

Early in 1997 he joined the auditing firm KPMG as an International Trade Consultant, where he served KPMG's client base consulting on all Customs, Excise and International Trade matters.

At the end of August 1999, he resigned and joined Deloitte & Touche as a Senior Consultant in the Customs and International Trade business unit.  He left Deloitte as a Manager at the end of September 2003, and started his own consultancy.

We have vast Customs and Excise experience spanning more than 30 years in the Customs, Excise and International Trade fraternity.  We believe that we have the knowledge, insight and skills to give your business a competitive edge in the international trade arena.


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