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Having a well trained work force who knows the dangers of non-compliance with the Customs and Excise Act, who knows where to spot opportunities and who can harmonize the flow of work and thereby minimize SARS interference in your company's core business, is a must to stay competitive in the international arena.

We offer the following modules as stand alone units or bundled to suit your company's specific needs.  We can also tailor make modules or other refresher courses to suit the needs of each individual.

Our manager, Eugene Marais, having been with the Customs and Excise training team for four years, during which period he helped develop several internal Customs and Excise courses, is more than able to improve your staff's knowledge on any Customs and Excise subject.

*    Imports

*    Exports

*    Penal Provisions

*    Customs and Excise Warehouses

*    Excise

*    Removals In Bond/Transit

*    Tariff Classification

*    Value for Customs duty Purposes

*    Refunds, Rebates and Drawbacks

*    General updates and "what's new" from SARS (Customs and Excise)



Being the BUZZ word in the Customs and Excise fraternity, becoming accredited is a must.  It not only minimizes Customs interference, speeds up document processing times, but also gives you peace of mind in knowing that, upon application, you KNOW what your status of compliance is.

We can assist your company in determining your status of compliance and provide guidance with the completion of the application.  Another requirement is for your staff to have adequate knowledge of the Customs and Excise Act.  By assessing your specific training needs, we can ensure that your staff meets or exceeds this requirement of becoming accredited.



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