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International Trade, Customs and Excise Services





  • Opinions

  • Determinations from the South African Revenue Services (SARS)

  • Applying for tariff protection and tariff relief

Customs Value

  • Applying for favourable valuation determinations

General Services

  • Applying for duty rebates, refunds, and drawbacks of duty

  • Participation in the deferral of payment of duty scheme

  • Applying for anti-dumping investigations, and providing assistance to foreign companies alleged to dump on the South African market

  • Import and Export control, application for import and export permits, quota permit applications

  • Trade agreements and Rules of Origin

  • Support during normal and special Customs and Excise investigations as well as any other Customs and excise matters and negotiations

  • Assistance to clients through representations to the SARS on penalties levied and mediation


  • Incentive schemes offered by or monitored by the Department of Trade and Industry through the International Trade Administration Commission

  • Consulting on the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP) and related Import Rebate Credit Certificates (IRCC)

  • Consulting in the Textile Industry

  • Various other Government Incentive Schemes


  • Providing of training in various fields of expertise within customs and excise


  • Assistance to clients with becoming SARS Accredited

Vehicle Imports

  • Assistance to returning South African residents and immigrants importing vehicles into South Africa



Information Request

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